Barista Coffee Shop Training Seminar

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BASIC BARISTA TRAINING PROGRAM AND COFFEE SHOP OPERATION offers a comprehensive hands-on training session to jumpstart your plan or existing business. Receive guidance from a seasoned barista in the following topics:

✅Coffee history
✅Process of coffee
✅Types of Coffee Beans
✅Brewing Methods
✅Roast Levels
✅Coffee grinds category
✅Espresso Machine Maintainance and Calibration
✅Making the perfect espresso
✅Classic espresso beverages
✅Milk Texturing and Steaming
✅Recipe for hot and iced espresso beverages
✅Proper use of tools, utensils and equipment
✅Coffee tasting experience
✅Coffee recipes with Costing and profitability computation

❗️Get actual hands-on experience during the training!

❗️Perfect for beginner and planning to start a coffee shop, or add this to your existing food business

💡Seminar Certificate Included

💡Face to face seminar